Body Image: I had my son nine months ago and I thought by now I would have lost all the 25 lbs I gained and be back to fitting into my pre pregnancy clothes. The truth is, I’m not close to any of these goals.  Normally this would make me sad, be hard on myself, and not want to get in a swimsuit this summer.  How many of you have felt body insecurities in your life?  I bet a lot of us have struggled with this.

I’m making a promise this year to not let my extra weight define who I am and get in the way of me having fun, being a mom, friend, sister, and a person who has value and worth.  I’m all about embracing this season with no reservation, just confidence. #NOFOMO ( no fear of missing out) is Target’s rally cry to stop missing out on the best of summer because of body insecurities, swimsuit avoidance or lame excuses.  This is something I’ve struggled with in my life and strive everyday to love my God given body.  I’m so excited to be apart of this movement because I want my daughter to have a healthy body image, and what way to do that is to teach through example.

 Currently I’m nursing and my boobs are on the bigger side and I was afraid I wasn’t going to find a swimsuit at Target to fit them. I was surprised when I found two swimsuits that are comfortable, made me feel beautiful. and fit my lactating bosoms.  I got the Merona Flounce One Piece in black and the Merona Twist Front Bandeau Tankini Top with Merona High Waist Swim Briefs in black.

  Merona Flounce One Piece   
Merona Flounce One Piece   
  Merona Twist Front Bandeau Tankini Top  and  Merona High Waist Swim Brief
Merona Twist Front Bandeau Tankini Top  and Merona High Waist Swim Brief

The spirit of #NOFOMO has really changed my attitude towards how I view myself and this upcoming swimsuit season.  I’m realizing staying healthy, feeling beautiful, and being confident is a state of mind.  I agree getting ready, wearing nice clothes, getting your nails and hair did can make you feel beautiful, but that fades.  To feel beautiful for the long haul is making a conscious decision to not be defined by your size, race, shape, or lack or abundance of.  I love this quote because every woman is beautiful in their own way and confidence is the key. 

I challenge you to take the #NOFOMO challenge this season.  This summer I’m going to have no fear of missing out by going swimming with my kids,  be proud of my body and how far I’ve come to feeling more comfortable in my skin.  What are you going to do this summer?  Share your #NOFOMO goal!

If you feel uneasy about not finding a suit that fits, remember Target have free returns and shipping so you can order online as many as you want and return the ones that don’t fit!  This year Target offers a variety of swimsuit types, sizes, and styles we can help you find what fits your body, your style and your occasions.  Go check out Target’s entire collection of swimsuits here

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Photography: Melea Nelson




February 09, 2016 — Courtney