If you haven’t noticed it’s October and Breast Cancer Awareness Month!  To me BCAM isn’t just about breast cancer, it’s a month to bring more awareness about breast health, breast care, celebrating being a woman and one of the most womanly parts on our body, boobs!

I wanted to do something different for BCAM and I saw this shirt and I LOVED the quirky and fun design of it.  It was too expensive for me to buy, so I decided it would be fun to diy it!  This was so easy to make and really fun.  What a better way to show your support for feminism and women’s issues then wearing an artistic shirt of breasts!  I introduce you to the DIY Breast Cancer Awareness Boob Shirt!

This is what you need:

A sweatshirt style shirt (I recommend a thicker shirt)

Black Acrylic Paint

Fabric Paint Medium

Round Paint brush #6


The first thing you need is place the cardboard piece inside the shirt to prevent paint transferring to the other side.

I didn’t want it to be complicated, and I like the look of it not being perfect so I free painted it on the shirt.  I did two layers of paint to make it really bold.  Make sure to let it dry in between the layers of paint. 

After the paint has dried several hours and is dry to touch, take a hot iron and go over the paint to set it.

I added a little ribbon on the sleeve.

 DIY Breast Cancer Awareness Boob Top 
DIY Breast Cancer Awareness Boob Top 

And that’s it.  It’s really easy.  Definitely a conversation starter and a way to show your support for breast health, bosoms, and being a feminist woman. 

 DIY Breast Cancer Awareness Boob Top 
DIY Breast Cancer Awareness Boob Top 

Hope you enjoy this shirt as much a I do.  How do you celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month?  Stay tuned for more fun boob inspired crafts and ways to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

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XOXO, Courtney


October 03, 2015 — Courtney