For my first review I tried the Panache Sports Bra.  I’ve worked with Panache a lot in my career and have highly recommend them to my clients but have never actually owned one, pretty lame I know.  Panache was generous enough to send me this bra to try out! They sent me the grey in a 32DD, so thank you Panache!

Watch the video below to see my review.  Let’s just say that I really, really, really like it.

Here’s the rundown on some of the topics I talk about in the video.

 Supportive Sports Bra Panache 
Supportive Sports Bra Panache 

Sizing: This bra runs from a 28-40 band size and from DD-H cup size.

Quality: Panache bras are well known for being high quality bras. I was really impressed with the quality of the material, cups, straps, and the thoughtful small details they put into this bra.

Comfort: On average I workout 4-5 times a week, so I was wearing this bra A LOT.  Sometimes it took me a couple hours to change into my regular clothes and I was so delighted that this bra wasn’t one of those sports bras you can’t wait to tear off when you get back from the gym.  The nice padded straps, the silicone wrapped wires, nice thick band with the three hooks, and the molded cups made wearing this bra wonderful.  I have to mention this bra did a superb job of controlling bounce and giving you great support at the same time.

Fit: The fit of this bra is true to size.  So if you normally wear a 32DD then that’s the size I’d get.  Sometimes I find sports bras tend to stretch out faster because you want them to be more snug (the more snug the more supportive they’re going to be).  When you’re doing high impact sports and jumping around you want that band to be snug so the “girls” don’t come flying out and hit you in the face.  AND   you also want an underwire.  The combo of these two will give you ultimate support and shape.  I was surprised by how I didn’t feel like I had to tighten the bra for a while.  I wore it almost every day for a month and finally at the end of the month I felt like it was time to tighten the band.  The cups shape you amazingly!  In the video I talk about how I had some ladies at my gym ask me if I had gotten a boob job because I looked so perky and supported.  It made me laugh.  The cups have a seam in them which will shape you beautifully and make you look more uplifted.  For more information on how bras should and shouldn’t fit, go here.

 Best Underwire Sports Bra Panache from 
Best Underwire Sports Bra Panache from 

Style: I like how you can wear this bra in a regular bra fashion, straps go from front to back OR you can connect the clasp attached to the strap in the back to make the bra a racerback.  This is super convenient if you wear a lot of different styles of tops when you work out.  Also, I love how this bra is super de duper high coverage.  This one gives you enough coverage so you don’t feel like you’re going to fall out, but you don’t feel like you are wearing a turtleneck.

Shape: Like I mentioned above, this bra does an awesome job of shaping because of the seams in the cups.  But, the seams are sewn flat so you can’t see them underneath even a form fitting top, hallelujah!  This bra might be a little too full at the top of the cup for women who have more of a swooping breast shape.  To learn more about how to identify your breast shape go here.

Washing: When washing this bra, I would recommend you to hand wash (you can always wash it in a lingerie bag on a delicate cycle in cold) but I prefer to do it by hand because of the molded cups.  After you’re done washing your bra make sure there are no ripples or dents in the cups.  If the cups dry with ripples, it can be hard to smooth them out again.  Make sure to use lingerie wash when washing your bras and ALWAYS hang dry them.  The dryer will destroy them.

Who I recommend this bra to: I recommend this bra to women who are more busty and are in the DD-H cup size range who are looking for a cute, stylish, comfortable, supportive, and overall high quality sports bra.

Cost: $68 go here to buy it. 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 STARS!

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February 17, 2015 — Courtney