If you don’t have a supportive and comfortable sports bra this can make working out and being active really difficult and painful, especially if you feel like your boobs are hitting you in the face, yikes!

I recently wrote an article about the three easy steps to finding the perfect fitting sports bra, and today I’m going to tell you which sports bras are the best ones for different type of activities (low impact and high impact) and for small and large cup sizes.  I’d recommend you reading this article before you continue, it will just make this article make more sense.

Some women ask why they need more than just sports bra?  Bras are a lot like shoes, you wouldn’t wear a pair of flip flops while trying to run a marathon, and you certainly wouldn’t wear a pair of Chacos to a black tie dinner.  You have different bras for different activities. 

I’ve taken the guessing work out for you and have compiled a list of my favorite 21 sports bras I recommend for large and small busted women, let’s dive in!

For my small chested gals

I consider a “small” busted gal who has a cup size smaller than a DD or E.  If you don’t know what bra size you are, I recommend you reading my bra sizing guide where you can download my FREE printable where I walk you through the steps on how to find your bra size.   

The great thing about being small chested is that you have a lot more options when it comes to sports bras.  You can wear a  wireless or an underwire.  If you’re going to be doing a high impact sport, like running, CrossFit, soccer, or jogging, I’d recommend a high impact bra or an underwire.  If you’re going to do something like weight lifting, walking, cycling, and yoga, you can get away with a wireless bra.

For my small busted gals

High Impact/Shock Absorber & Underwire

 Low Impact & Non Underwire

For my large busted gals

Some call it a curse and some call it a blessing to have a nice full bust.  Whatever your thoughts on this matter, it’s important to face the reality when it comes to having a DD or (E) larger cup size.  I highly recommend you wear an underwire no matter if you’re doing a high impact sport or a low impact sport.  An underwire is going to lift, support, and keep the “girls” in place.  BUT I understand and realize that an underwire doesn’t work well for every large busted gal due to health reasons and or comfort.  I’ve included a couple wireless sports bras.  .

A word of caution, if you do a lot of higher impact sports and are larger busted and don’t wear a supportive bra, this can lead to your breast tissue to stretch and therefore leaving you with saggier breasts.  Go here to learn more about how bras should and shouldn’t fit.

High Impact/Shock Absorber & Underwire

Non Underwire

I hope this list of sports bras is helpful to you.  It was really fun to compiling a list for y’all of all of my favorite sports bras for the different sizes.

Make sure to check out my Bra Guide where I have all of my bra posts that include information about , nursing bras, breast shapes, and how a bra should and shouldn’t fit.  

I’d love to hear from you, what are some of your favorite sports bras?