Louisa Bracq Serie Shorty Panties

$60.78 $71.50

Shorty in soft and light tulle. At the heart of the trend, this line adorned with geometric embroidery with herringbone and wave patterns plays the card of seduction with models with cuts that are both flattering and comfortable. Its covering shape and its wide edges envelop the silhouette in a pleasant feeling of well-being on a daily basis. Slightly indented at the buttocks and endowed with a suggestive transparency, it lets you guess the curves with charm. Its elasticated waistline promises a better fit while the seamless finishes ensure perfect invisibility under clothing. 100% cotton lined bottom.

Pair with the Serie Emboitant or the Serie Foulard bra!

  • Hand wash only with lingerie soap
  • 73% Polyamide, 15% Elastane, 10% Polyester, 2% Cotton