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This is by far the best bra buying experience I’ve had. I was wearing my bra wrong, had no idea how a bra should actually fit. It was definitely a learning experience and I absolutely love my new bras. I never would have bought these for myself had I been shopping in my normal stores for bras.
— Rachel
Such a great experience! I was fitted by Hannah and she was awesome! She knew her stuff and was very professional in helping me try on different styles and she knew my size right away! I was very happy with my experience and if you live far away, it’s totally worth the drive! I’ll be giving them my business as long as possible! Hannah answered all my questions and even answered questions I didn’t think to ask. Courtney has a great company with great employees and inventory!
— Jessica
Out with the old, in with the new… ABSOLUTELY. I had the best experience here. So many bras, so many try-on’s… all that led to me feeling sexier and more confident in my body and in myself just in general! I was fitted my Tamara & she made the whole experience fun, safe, comfortable, and educational. And there were sooo many options, styles, and colors! Definitely will never go anywhereee else because this is real deal. I wanted to buy the whole store.
— Bailey
This was, by far, the best bra shopping experience I've ever had! Courtney was so professional and experienced. There were so many options and I finally found bras that fit well and were so comfortable. There were so many that I loved that I ended up buying multiple bras. I'd recommend their bra fittings and their selection of bras to anyone!
— Natalie
Knowledge is power and Courtney will hand that power to you when you go get fitted! Having a bra that fits is no small thing; I feel more confident, have less pain, and now know how a bra should fit! HIGHLY recommend being fitted and shopping for your perfect bra.
— Kelsey
Whitney helped to fit me and my sister in law, and let me tell you- it was such a good experience! She made us feel comfortable, confident and helped us to find bras that we absolutely loved. She was so helpful, and helped to explain how bras should actually fit. Whitney was great at her job, but also we could definitely tell how good of a person she is and it really made the experience all the better. I screaming from the roof tops for all people to GO GET A PROFESSIONAL BRA FITTING!!!
— Brittnie
Owner / Expert Bra Fitter

Courtney Killpack

With 15 years experience in the lingerie industry and fitting thousands of women, Courtney started Bra Fittings by Court to help other women!

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