The Difference High vs. Low Impact Sports Bras

99% of women are wearing the wrong type of sports bra!!  There's a huge difference between high impact (encapsulated) and low impact (compression) types of sports bras. In this article I talk about which one is better.  

Finding the Right Bra Can Be a Process

Sometimes finding the right bra can be a process.  In this article I talk about why and what women can expect when they get professionally fitted by me. 

April 17, 2017 — Courtney

How to Give Yourself a Self Breast Exam

One of the most important thing woman can do to help prevent breast cancer and the spread of it, is to perform monthly breast exams.  In this post I go step-by-step on how to perform a self breast exam. 

October 21, 2016 — Courtney

Bra Size Converter: Difference Between US & UK Bra Sizing

Bra Size Converter: What is the difference between US and UK bra sizing?  I break down this complicated topic in easy terms.  

September 28, 2016 — Courtney

When is the right time to buy a nursing bra?

Some of the most commonly asked questions I get asked from women is should they wait after they have their baby, lose weight, or when they stop nursing to go bra shopping?  I have some simple tips on how to navigate these many bosom altering moments.

September 25, 2016 — Courtney

Nipple Covers: Hide Your Nipples Under Clothing With These 3 Tricks!

Here are my tricks to hiding your nipples underneath your clothes without having to wear thick molded cup bras because for many women don't want the extra bulk and they don't fit properly.  

April 13, 2016 — Courtney

Swimsuit Styles: Three Types of Swimsuit Sizes That Don’t Support Breasts

There's a lot of swimsuits out there that can prevent you from getting that perfect fitting swimsuit.  I'm going to talk about the three types of swimsuits to avoid buying so you can be sure you're getting a proper fit in the bust area and look your best!

February 12, 2016 — Courtney

Body Image: My #NOFOMO (No Fear Of Missing Out) Pledge for Swimsuit Season

I'm making a promise this year to not let my extra weight define who I am and get in the way of me having fun, being a mom, friend, sister, and a person who has value and worth.  Read what my No Fear of Missing Out (#NOFOMO) pledge is for Summer 2016. 

February 09, 2016 — Courtney

3 Bra Lessons to Learn from Before and After Pictures

I was a guest on Fox's The Place where I talked about the three lessons to learn from my favorite bra makeovers I've done with my clients!  

January 13, 2016 — Courtney

For Mormon Women: Tips On Wearing LDS Garments Tops With Your Bra

Read my suggestions on how I suggest LDS women to wear their bra with their garments and the types of fabrics and tops I recommend for large and small busted gals. 

January 07, 2016 — Courtney

Bra Straps Constantly Falling Down? You’re Wearing The Wrong Size Bra!

Are your bra straps constantly falling off your shoulders?  They're trying to tell you're wearing the wrong band size! 

October 30, 2015 — Courtney
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3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Quality Bras

A lot of women hate the thought of forking out dough to buy a bra.  In this post I give you three reasons why you should spend your hard earn cash on bras than clothes and how it can change how your wardrobe fits!

October 17, 2015 — Courtney