Bras can seem like an expensive purchase for something that hardly anyone sees. There's a reason behind the cost, though. Here are a few reasons behind the price tag so you don't get sticker shock when you shop!

Component Cost

Bras are incredibly technical garments. A basic bra can contain over 25 pieces and 60 seams, each with its own function. Luxury bras can have over 100 components! The fabric for these bras isn't mass produced, either. Quality bra fabric is woven to be both soft and sturdy. It has to, quite literally, hold up! A fabric mill can make fabric for dozens of companies, but bra fabric and hardware is created on a much smaller scale.

Labor Cost

Though the amount of fabric used might be small, the labor is not. All lingerie is handmade. There are no automated machines that can construct such technical garments. It takes experts sitting in front of customized sewing machines to create each bra.

Precision is key when sewing a bra. If any piece is sewn just slightly off, the bra is unwearable. The construction is exact and that skillset should be compensated.

Research & Development

Companies that focus on low costs are willing to skimp on components and labor, but the biggest thing they cut is research and development—the two things that affect fit the most.

Brands that are obsessed with fit spend more time and effort on each bra style, making sure it will translate into various sizes. When a company sells the same bra in a size 28DD US through a 38K US, they can't just scale up and hope for the best. It takes trial, error, and time to perfect a design that offers optimal support with style.

The old saying "you get what you pay for" really is true when it comes to bras. Now when you look in your lingerie drawer, you can see just how valuable all your bras are!


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