Step #1 What kind of appointment do I need?

In-Person Bra Fittings- (we can do from 1-4 women at one time) $40 per person

If this is your first time in the shop, you’re considered a new client, you’ll want to schedule the one time $40 in-person bra fitting. We can do from 1-4 women at a time. We spend 30 minutes per person. It’s way fun going bra shopping with your bosom friends! We charge a fitting fee when you book your appointment. For 2, 3 and 4 person appointments we charge a partial fitting fee. The rest of the fitting fee will be charged after your appointment. We will not be able to add people to your time once it has been booked.

How to book a 2, 3, and 4 person appointment when you've already been fitted by us?

If you've already been fitted by us and want to come back in with friend(s) there's two ways to schedule this:

-You can book a 2 or 3 person appointment. This will charge you for one of the fittings, the other two is free. If you book a 4 person, this will charge you for two appointments, the other two are free. We'll charge any unpaid fititng fees at the end of your appointment.

-The other option is to book a free shopping appointment and then have your friend(s) book a separate 1 person $40 appointment right before/after your time. 

Bra Shopping: Exchanges/Returns- FREE

If you’ve already been fitted by us and already paid your fitting fee, if you need to be refitted, need help with a return or exchange, book a bra shopping appointment, they’re FREE!

Step #2 Book a Bra Fitting

Use the calendar below to book a fitting, here’s our fitter schedule, for those who want to book by fitter:

Courtney Killpack:

-Monday Mornings

-Wednesday Evenings 

-2nd Saturday of the month

Lexi Nielson

-Tuesday Mornings & Afternoons

-Friday Evenings

-4th Saturday of the month

Whitney Anderberg

-Friday Mornings

-3rd Saturday of the month

Hannah Leishman

-Monday Afternoons

-Wednesday Mornings & Afternoons

-Thrusday Afternoons & Evenings

-Friday Afternoons

- 1st Saturday of the month

Other Important Information

-Check out our FAQ page for what to expect during your bra fitting.

-When you book your appointment it will you tell at the top of your confirmation email who you booked your appointment with.

-If you don’t receive a confirmation email of your appointment, it didn’t go through. You’ll need to rebook your appointment. Please contact us at if you have any questions. 

-The shop is located in Courtney’s home in Layton, Utah. You’ll get directions and her address once you book an appointment.