I'm a wife, a mom to three, and I'm obsessed with bras.  It all started back in 2006 when I was hired as a Bra Fit Specialist at Nordstrom.  I had no prior experience with lingerie or bras and little did I know my life was going to be changed forever by bras.

I worked at Nordstrom for four years where I got my experience, learned a ton, and become a Certified Bra Fit Specialist.  I grew a large and loyal clientele and I LOVED helping and teaching women how bras should fit. I truly felt like I was making a difference in women's lives by helping women find bras that fit them.  Bras are more than just underwear, they can help women gain more confidence and help them to look and feel amazing.

When I graduated from college, I took a break from bras and worked in the medical marketing industry for a couple of years and when I had my daughter in 2012, I was really tired of not feeling passionate about my work. I quit my job to become a full time stay at home mom.   

I soon found myself bored being home, and needed an outlet.  I started a blog and decided to write about what I was passionate about... BRAS! Long story short, things grew fast on my blog and I soon found my calling in life.  

In 2015, Bra Fittings by Court was created and my mission is to be a place where women feel empowered, find the beauty within, and learn how to love and accept flaws, imperfections, and themselves!  And if I happen to solve your bra problems too, that's a plus too!   I strongly believe women can conquer the world when you're in love with yourself.

In 2017, I saw a huge need for a bra shop that carried a wide range of beautiful styles, brands, and sizes. I opened a bra shop in my home in Kaysville, Utah to test the market to see if this service is really needed. I soon found that I was busier then I ever expected. In the two years I’ve fitted over 950+ women, offer 90+ sizes, 8+ brands, and continue to grow my shop. My bra shop by appointment only where I personal one-on-one bra fitting service that is so needed in Utah. Go HERE for my schedule.

I soon found out there’s a lot of women who don’t have access to someone like myself to help them find bras that fit. In 2018, I launched the very first free professional bra fitting service online called BosomBesties.com to help women get bra help who don’t have access to a professional bra fitter near them. This project took over a year to complete and two years of collecting data from my 950+ clients and used that to create an algorithm where women can input their two measurements and breast shape and it will tell them what their true size is and the brands and styles I personally recommend them. I’m so proud of this project and look forward to the possibilities of this site and how many women it will be able to help.

In the future to open up a several brick and mortar stores in Utah so the many women who don’t access to the size range and professional bra fitting services can get the help they need.

I strongly believe teaching, educating, and helping women find bras that fit them can change their lives. Every single girl and woman deserves to wear bras that fit them.