We offer professional bra fittings by appointment in a comfortable setting in Kaysville, UT. Our services are offered through appointments to give a more personalized bra shopping experience to our clients. All our fitters go through extensive training to gain the necessary knowledge of how to fit all shapes and sizes of breast. Meet all our amazing fitters here!

What to Expect During your Fitting 

  • We are a body positive space!
  • Your fitter will be with you the entire time to help guide you through your bra fitting experience.
  • If you have multiple people with you in your fitting party, you can have them in the same room with you, or you can have them hang out in the waiting area.
  • The first step will be to take measurements of the band and bust 
  • You will need to remove your shirt, you can face the wall for more privacy 
  • Our fitter will help you put on your bras so we can adjust them to your body, you can face the wall for more privacy.
  • To find your correct size, we’ll try on a few sizes until we get the correct fit.
  • Then you will try on multiple bras to find the bra(s) that are most comfortable.
  • Let your fitter know if you have any specifics
  • Your fitter will give you information how a bra should fit, what different styles are, and how different styles will shape your breasts differently. 
  • Ask your fitter any questions you have

Our mission is to give each customer one-on-one attention, to ensure they leave feeling heard, understood, and with their bra issues resolved. We strive for excellent customer service and being a safe place for all. We take pride in offering a wide range of size-inclusive and high-quality options that cater to different body types and preferences to ensure that every customer feels confident and comfortable. Click here to book your appointment!

Check out of FAQs for other commonly asked questions!