This might sound shocking, but most women are wearing the wrong type of sports bra, and this can make a huge difference in whether or not you’re being supported when you’re doing high impact sports.

95% of women I fit are wearing sports bras, I like to call these compression sports bras.  These bras are everywhere, and I’m sure you own a few of them.

To put them on, they go over their head, I like to call these the “uniboob” sports bras and they don’t restrict movement at all.  I found this article on HuffPost that explains it beautifully.  

“…[These] bras don’t accomplish the main goal of a sports bra: limiting total breast movement. Compression bras only limit the in-and-out movement of breasts away from and towards the chest. But as researchers have found, breasts actually ‘arc through a complicated figure-8 pattern,’ going down and to one side, then up and over to the other side. This movement strains the Cooper’s ligaments, the connective tissue that keeps breasts perky.”

So what type of sports bra should women be wearing?  I want to introduce you to the encapsulated sports bra.  You’re probably thinking to yourself, what are these?  No fear, I’m going to show the difference.  

Encapsulated sports bras are bras are just like regular bras where the breasts has a separate cup for each breast.  These bras provide the best support because they limit horizontal and vertical movement in the breast.  The only thing compression sports bras do is smash them down, they don’t limit the vertical or horizontal movement.  

Kate Brooks from the blog The Bra Guide says, “This is why a compression bras aren’t ideal in most cases, even though they’re the most common type of sports bra: compression bras squish your boobs without shaping them, resulting in discomfort and a potential uniboob.”

The reason why it’s really important to prevent the breasts from moving and bouncing is to protect the delicate Cooper’s ligaments in the breasts.  These ligaments is what holds the breasts up and shapes them.  If you don’t wear a supportive bra when you’re doing higher impact type of activities, the bouncing and movement can stretch or break those ligaments, resulting in saggier breasts.  The only way to fix broken or stretched out ligaments is get a breast lift.  This is why wearing supportive sports bras are so important. 

Every woman should be wearing encapsulated sports bras, even smaller busted gals. Even small busted gals have ligaments in their breasts and they can stretch or break when not wearing supportive sports bras. 

Watch this video to see the difference in support between an encapsulated sports bra and a compression sports bra. It’s pretty amazing to see the difference. 

My advice, stay away from brands like Nike and Lululemon that specialize in exercising clothing because they don’t specialize in bras, are overpriced, and focus on looks than structure and support.  Stick with companies who specialize in bras, because they make the best sports bras.  

Another point to mention is to stay away from sports bras that don’t have a way to tighten the band or back closure.  There’s two reasons.  The first, your sports bras won’t last and be supportive for very long if you can’t adjust the band as it stretches out.  Second, “If you can pull your sports bra over your head, and it fits over your shoulders, it’s definitely not firm enough to support your bust,” 

I was on the TV show Good Things Utah where I talked about the difference between compression and encapsulated sports bras, go watch the five minute video HERE.

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