Let’s talk about finding the right bra.  I’m going to be completely honest, it can be a process.  Let me explain.

My whole goal with starting Bra Fittings by Court is to eliminate the pain, confusion, and stress women feel about bra shopping. I hope to encourage women to feel comfortable by wearing bras that fit their bodies and be a place women can ask questions and get accurate information.  

When I fit you, I become your unbiased bosom friend who encourages, supports you, and helps you navigate the confusing world of bra shopping.  My hope is to guide women to

I’ve fitted thousands of women in my career and most have found bras that fit and they love on their first fitting.  There’s been several woman who take a little more time to find that right fit and right bra for their body.  

When you’re getting fitted by me, I’m first am going to give you my professional opinion on whether or not a bra fits.  But what comes down to what bra you get should be based off of comfort.  I can recommend a certain size to a woman, but I’m not going to be wearing that bra, she is.  It’s ultimately up to that woman to decide if a bra is going to work for her.  I want your bra to fit correctly, but I’m mostly concerned about your comfort.  My goal is to find bras that fit and are comfortable.  Sometimes in order to find that right balance of fit and comfort, we need to try a different bra or go up or down band and cup sizes to achieve this.

Bras are suppose to to fit low and snug in the band on the loosest set of hooks, the gore (middle part of the bra) is suppose to lay flat against your skin, breasts are suppose to be separated by the underwires, cups are suppose to cover your breasts, and underwires are suppose to completely cover the sides of your breasts.  But bras aren’t suppose to cause bruising, deep red painful marks on your skin, or dig into your armpit or other parts of your body. 

This is why I tell women to wear a bra for a full week because your bra will stretch a bit, allowing your body to adjust to wearing something that feels foreign.    By doing this, we’ll be able to eliminate whether or not this is a you’re not used to a bra fitting, or if it’s a fitting/bra problem. 

The only way woman can find out if a bra is going to work is unless she tries it out. Sometimes, some women know immediately if a bra is going to be uncomfortable, but most of the time you don’t really know until you try a bra out. 

It’s common to get fitted professionally, wear a bra for a couple days, and decide it’s not going to work.  Within a week, you should know if a bra is not going to work for you.  Sometimes it’s a sizing or a bra problem or both.  And that’s ok.  That’s why once I fit you, I don’t ever charge you again.    

Another factor that can make it difficult, many women are used to wearing their bras a certain way.  After years of wearing the wrong size and bras not fitting correctly, when you wear a bra that actually fits, it can feel foreign and uncomfortable.  Why?  Because you’re not used to wearing something that’s fitting, supporting, and lifting. 

To my LDS ladies out there, you’re probably been wearing your bra under your garments. This is great, but I recommend most women to wear their bras against their skin as much as possible because they fit better and bras aren’t meant to be worn over things.  Go read my article about what the Church’s policy change on wearing the garment and the best garment tops to wear with your bra.  Again, when you wear a bra that fits and is against your skin, it’s going to feel really strange at first. It might freak out your body at first. You might come to really love it because your bra fits better and doesn’t slip around over your garments.      

This is why when you get fitted by me, I guarantee to help you until we find a bra that fits!  Sometimes it takes one, two, and even three tries to get the right fit.  But I’m here to help you with all of that!  

This is why I have a flexible return/exchange policy because my the sole reason why I started my site, shop, and soon to be online store is to really help women.  I want women and my clients to be happy and completely satisfied with their bra and purchases.  

All I ask if you’ve purchased a bra from me and within a week, if you’re not happy with the fit or comfort of it, to contact me at brafittingsbycourt@gmail.com.  That way I can help you figure out what’s going on.  Whether that’s exchanging it for a different bra or returning it.  

I get it, it can get really frustrating and sometimes time consuming to not have things work out with a bra the first time, but it’s totally worth the time spent once we get it right, it’s life changing when you have a bra that fits.  So don’t give up. Have a little faith.

I hope this sheds more light on this topic.  I hope this helps you to understand how bra fittings work and why bra fitting is an art and a very intimate process. 

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April 17, 2017 — Courtney