The Difference High vs. Low Impact Sports Bras

99% of women are wearing the wrong type of sports bra!!  There's a huge difference between high impact (encapsulated) and low impact (compression) types of sports bras. In this article I talk about which one is better.  

3 Bra Lessons to Learn from Before and After Pictures

I was a guest on Fox's The Place where I talked about the three lessons to learn from my favorite bra makeovers I've done with my clients!  

January 13, 2016 — Courtney

For Mormon Women: Tips On Wearing LDS Garments Tops With Your Bra

Read my suggestions on how I suggest LDS women to wear their bra with their garments and the types of fabrics and tops I recommend for large and small busted gals. 

January 07, 2016 — Courtney

Bra Straps Constantly Falling Down? You’re Wearing The Wrong Size Bra!

Are your bra straps constantly falling off your shoulders?  They're trying to tell you're wearing the wrong band size! 

October 30, 2015 — Courtney
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