A picture is worth a thousand words, which is why our followers on social media love our before/after pictures. Seeing how a bra can and should fit is educational. The only time you learn more is at a fitting.

Let's take a look at three before and after images from clients to learn some important bra lessons.

Band Size is (almost) Everything

90% of a bra's support comes from the band so when it's too large, it slides up and the girls fall down. In the left picture, the client's band is sliding up so much it's creeping into her armpit, making the underwire move forward onto her breast tissue. Not only is she lacking support, the cup, which could be the correct size, has shifted forward.

In the after photo on the right, the band is low and firm, anchoring the bra to her body. This allows the cups to sit in place with the underwire surrounding the breast tissue, not sitting on it. This bra won't shift and create discomfort like the white bra.

Modest Sometimes is Hottest

We women have been conditioned to think that the only way to be sexy is by showing skin. We seek out cleavage-creating styles at the sacrifice of flattering fit. In the image on the left, though the gore sits flat, the style isn't providing the shape and support she needs, gaping at the top of the cup.

The photo on the right provides more coverage, but dang, that fit is sexy! A bra that contains the gals with stretch lace at the top is far more flattering than a poor fit showing more skin. Plus, confidence is the hottest thing you can wear no one has to know it's coming from under your clothes!

A Good Fit is Flattering

I tell women all the time that a good bra can take pounds off, but seeing is believing. In the before and after above, the bra she came in wearing wasn't doing her any favors. Her breasts were wide-set and sitting on her stomach, making her appear heavier than she really is.

The second picture is amazing! The bra acts like a breast lift, making her look like she lost 15 pounds. The breasts are off her stomach, up where they belong. It's also a narrower shape, creating a more hourglass silhouette. What you wear under your clothes matters!


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