In the past couple years there’s been so many swimsuit companies that have popped up.  One thing that really irritates me all of these swimsuit shops are so focused on how they look, and don’t put any thought into how the suit style is going to support women’s bosoms.  

Most of us don’t have the perfect perky and full breast genes in our DNA, so swimsuits with lining, shelf bras, and molded cups alone aren’t going to give women the support and shape they need to look their best.  

I’m going to discuss the three types of swimsuit style to avoid buying so you you don’t end up looking like one of the women in the picture above. 

Let’s start with the facts. The best fitting swimsuits in the world are the ones that come in bra sizes.  

Below are a couple examples of bra sized swimwear and look at how amazing this woman’s boobs look!

Most retailers are in it to make easy money, so that’s why you see a limited selection in sizing. At Bra Fittings by Court, we only sell bra-sized swimwear!

One of the major perks of purchasing swimwear in your bra size is it’s like getting a custom fitting swimsuit, without having to pay the heavy price tag of a custom made swimsuit.  

The awesome thing is majority of the bra sized swimwear is about the same price as regular swimsuits, they range from $60-$150.  By going the bra size swimwear route, you’re going to get the proper lift, support, coverage, and shape; which equals to feeling hot confidence when you’re poolside.  

The other really important factor to finding that perfect fitting swimsuit is buying swimwear that meets the needs of your breasts.

Read the six steps to finding the perfect swimsuit here. A lot of women go swimsuit shopping and buy what is cute, trendy, or hides their stomach well.  

The biggest factor they don’t realize is if you’re breasts aren’t shaped, supported, lifted, and separated, this in itself can make you look heavier and not as polished in your swimsuit.  

There’s a lot of swimsuits out there that can prevent you from getting that perfect fitting swimsuit. I’m going to talk about the three types of swimsuit sizes to avoid buying so you can be sure you’re getting a proper fit in the bust area and look your best!

Dress sizes: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, etc.

I went to Costco a couple weeks ago and found one piece swimsuits for sale and came in dress sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, and etc. The problem with these types of swimsuits is the sizing assumes if you’re a size 10, you have large breasts, and if you’re a size 4 you have tiny breasts. In my experience, the vast majority of women breasts are not proportioned to their dress size. There’s lot’s of women who are wear a size 4 and have G cup breasts.  And women who wear a size 10 who have B cup breasts.  

These swimsuits either have lining, a shelf bra, molded cups, or a combo of these three. Because they lack the vital component of support, a snug fitting band, they don’t shape well or give adequate support. They make women look like they have uniboobs. For my large busted gals, their breasts tend to hand out on the side and top, and for my small busted gals, the cups at the top tend to be too big and gap.   

Shirt Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, 1X, and etc.

You will face the same problems with this type of sizing as you will with a dress size swimsuit. Again, in a size Small, the swimsuit is assuming that if you wear a small, that you have small breasts. In a size Large, they assume you have large breasts. 

If you do go down this route, I recommend wearing a two piece or a bikini that has an adjustable band in the back.  You can go up or down a size to accommodate your breast size, and still be able to adjust it in the back for good support. 

Combined Bra Sizes: A/B, C/D, DD/DDD, 34 A/B, 34 C/D, etc

This sizing is kind of tricky.  It’s much better then dress and shirt sizing, but has some problems.  

I recently got a swimsuit that comes in this type of sizing. Because I wear a 32D, I ordered the 32/34D size. The top was too big, so I ended up getting the 32/34C size. Like I said, this sizing can be tricky and you might have to order two different sizes to make sure you get one that fits.  

This sizing suggests that a 30D and a 32D are the same or sister bra sizes. This is completely untrue. A 30D is actually a cup size smaller than a 32D. Cup sizes aren’t stagnant in each band size. A D cup is not the same in a 30, 32, 34, 36, etc. As you go up each band size the D cup goes up a size.      


Buy swimsuits that come in bra sizes. Next best option, try to buy swimsuits that come with an adjustable band or ties in the back so you can tighten it to give you more support. This is going to insure you get the best tailored fitting swimsuit to your body and your breasts.  

I hope you found this article to be helpful.  If you have questions, please don’t hesitate.  Did I convince you to go for bra sized swimwear?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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February 12, 2016 — Courtney