Today, I’m going to talk about when you should get fitted a buy a nursing bra.  Some of the most commonly asked questions I get asked from women is should they wait after they have their baby, lose weight, or when they stop nursing to go bra shopping?  I have some simple tips on how to navigate these many bosom altering moments.

My rule of thumb: It’s never a bad time to be fitted!

A lot of women think it’s not worth to buy a new bra until they lose all of their weight, after their pregnancy, or when they’ve weaned their baby.  I’m here to say, why suffer?!?  Why be uncomfortable and miserable by wearing bras that don’t fit?  There’s this mentality a lot of women have that in order to treat yo self, you have to achieve your ultimate goal.  That’s crap.  

When you notice your bra isn’t fitting right: the straps are falling off your shoulders, cups are too small or too big, you’re hanging out or coming out of your bra, underwires digging into your breasts, band rides up the back, and you’re constantly adjusting it.  This means your bra isn’t fitting, and it’s time to get a new one!  

You don’t have to go out a buy an entire new bra wardrobe and spend a small fortune.  Buy 1-2 bras at a time.  This way, you buy what you need.  Buying small quantities of bras as you transition into your new size is a smart bra buying strategy.  

Also, it’s good to know your correct size so if you do change size in the future, you’ll have more confidence on how to navigate the sizing system.   

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

Most women go up 1-3 cup sizes in the 10 months they’re pregnant.  This means you’ll need to go be fitted and buy a new bra each time you go up a size.  Sorry ladies, the days of you wearing the same size you’re entire pregnancy is out!  As soon as you feel like your bra is getting too small in the cups or in the band, go get fitted for a new one!

Two weeks before you have that little bundle of joy, I recommend you go get yourself a transitional nursing bra.  These are bras that are low in support, come in S, M, L, XL, and are perfect as you transition from the hospital to home, and when your milk comes in.  My favorites are the Cake Maternity Rock Candy and Cake Maternity Sugar Candy nursing bras.  

Two weeks after you have your baby is when you should be professionally fitted for a nursing bra, preferably an underwire. Go HERE to shop my favorite underwire nursing bras. 


Postpartum Losing & Gaining Weight

At some point in our lives we gain and lose weight.  Some women wait months or years after their bra stops fitting to get a new one.  Why wear things that don’t fit and don’t make you feel good?  You’re so worth it to invest in your chest and wear things that make you feel like a million bucks and flatter your beautiful self.  As soon as you notice your bra isn’t fitting or is uncomfortable, go get fitted.  Buy 1-2 bras in your new size, wear those out and by the time you start to lose weight, it will be time to buy another 1-2 bras in your new smaller size!  Bras should only last about 6-12 months.. 

Where to be fitted?

Here are my favorite places to be professionally fitted:

  • Me! 

I offer one-on-one bra fittings in my shop in Kaysville, Utah and you can schedule bra fitting party where I bring my shop to your home in Northern Utah.  You can schedule your bra fitting with me HERE

  • Boutiques

Bra boutiques are independently owned are great at fittings.  Before you go, call ahead and ask if they are experts in fitting and if they have a wide range of sizes A-K cup sizes and 28-46 band sizes.  

Try to avoid chain stores because you can’t guarantee you’re going to get a fitter who is experienced or trained properly in bra fitting.

You if you need bra help and live outside of Utah, you can purchase my bra fit guides that help determine your breast shape, bras I recommend for each breast shape, how bras should and shouldn’t fit, and how to find your bra size. You can go HERE to purchase them.  

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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September 25, 2016 — Courtney