You've probably heard the idiom, "You get what you pay for." It implies that the price of the item or experience equals the quality. We definitely feel like this is true at Bra Fittings by Court! Here are five reasons why we think you should pay for your next bra fitting.


Our fitters do more than just calculate your size. We share with you everything we know about how a bra should fit. You'll learn why your size is what it is, how your bra should feel on your body, where it should sit, and how different bra styles shape your breasts.

Along with tried and true fitting methods, we also keep up on the latest in styles and fitting techniques. We're always educating ourselves so we can educate you!


The fitters working in the shop and online have a combined 24 years of experience. That's a lot! We've helped thousands of women find their correct bra size and style. We know we can help you.

Size Range

Did you know we carry 15 cup sizes and 13 band sizes? That's 195 different sizes! In comparison, Target carries 48 sizes in their stores and Victoria's Secret only carries 40!

Every woman, regardless of their breast shape and size, deserves to know how a good-fitting bra looks and feels. You'll experience that at Bra Fittings by Court.

Stress-Free Shopping

Gone are the days of trying on dozens of bras, only to walk away with the one that fit just okay. Your time and energy are valuable, so we won't waste it!

In just 30 minutes, your fitter will size you, fit you, try on styles that will work for your breast shape, and ring you up…all while educating you! You can relax knowing that you're getting the best fit and bras possible.

Personalized Service

We take care to learn your lifestyle and priorities when it comes to a bra so we are prepared when you walk through the door.

Your comfort is our priority and we're with you every step of the way. A bra fitting is a unique experience, especially with someone you've just met. You won't be exposed any more than you are comfortable.

Every body is unique and we embrace it!


Still not sure a fitting is worth it for you? Check out our 500+ 5-star reviews on Google. The proof is in the pudding.


Book an in-person bra fitting with one of our trained fitters using the button below! Don't live close by, but still want our expertise? Click on our bra fit calculator. It will use a couple measurements and your breast shape to suggest bras that will be best for you! After you get a bra from our site, you can book a virtual fit check to video chat with a fitter to make sure your bra is the right size and fit for you.