Beautiful friends! I had an epiphany today and decided to write this short post.  Most of the women I meet and help during fittings spend the LOWEST amount of their wardrobe dollars on their bras. Most women tend to spend far more money on jeans, pants, sweaters, shirts, shoes, socks, and accessories. I’m telling you today that instead of spending ALL of your money clothes, shoes, and accessories, spend money on quality bras that fit.

Most of you are probably thinking, "I’d rather spend my hard earn cash on a pair of new shoes than bras." I’ve heard lot’s of excuses, some of my favorite are:

“It’s not cute or sexy, so I don’t want to spend a lot of money on it.”

“No one is going to see it other than me and maybe my husband, so why spend money on it?”

“It’s going to stretch out and get dirty, so I don’t want to spend a lot of money on it.” This is my favorite excuse because it’s hilarious. Everything is going to get worn out including your clothes and shoes.

The most common reason I believe women don’t like spending money on their bras because they HATE to go bra shopping. Sadly, for many women going bra shopping is like ripping off 100 freshly pressed band aids off a hairy arm or leg. It can be painful especially if you don’t know what type of bra to look for, don’t know your correct size or breast shape, and don’t know the best places to go.

I bet for many of you your bra shopping experience consists of the following…

You’ve had the same bra for YEARS and it’s gotten to the point your bra has gone from white to a dingy tan color and you have to safety pin the straps or band to keep it on you. You drive over to your local Walmart or Target to get some stuff and think, “I’ll head over to the underwear section and pick out a bra while I’m here.” You look through the bra section, trying not to be in there too long. You grab something off the rack that looks suitable without trying it on and spend $25 on it. You go home and try it on but it doesn’t really fit well and it’s not very comfortable. Because you hate bra shopping, you'd rather keep and wear the ill-fitting bra than go on another hunt to try and find another ill-fitting bra. I get it. It’s a vicious cycle.

When you do this, you’re doing yourself a disservice and I feel bad for your boobs and pocketbook! Living a life where you feel uncomfortable and you’re constantly tugging at a bra and wasting your money on cheap bras is a life not living.

Here’s my 3 reasons for why you should spend more money on bras:

  1. Bras are the MOST important article of clothing you put on. You wear your bra EVERY DAY and when you wear something everyday I would strive for quality and spend a little more. Spend less on the things that you don’t use everyday like trendy clothes, accessories, and that 20th pair of high heels in your closet.
  2. Bras are the foundation of your wardrobe. A properly fitting bra is going to make you look thinner, prevent gravity and aging from dragging down your breasts, or in simpler terms, prevent saggy breasts. It’s going to make your shirts, sweaters, tops, blazers, and jackets fit better, and most importantly, it’s going to give you long lasting confidence and make you feel more beautiful than any new pair of heels is going to.
  3. You get what you pay for. When you spend $25 on a bra at Walmart, don’t expect it to last you a couple years, and don’t even expect it to last a couple months. If you spend $70 on a bra, expect it to feel and fit more comfortable because the materials will be higher quality. Also the way the band and cup lie on your body will fit better and will last you longer. The reason why bras are expensive is because it takes a lot of work, design, and materials to create a bra. When you buy three to four quality bras and rotate them (meaning you don’t wear the same one everyday) and wash them properly, expect them to last anywhere a year or more.

Here’s some additional information I want to mention.

Your bra size is going to make a big difference on price. Let’s say you’re a 34B. This size is readily available everywhere, so it’s going to cost you a lot less.  Harder to find sizes like 28-32 band sizes and G-K cup sizes tend to cost more because they’re not readily available places like Target and Walmart.

Get comfortable spending $50-$80 for a bra. You don’t have to spend $100 on a bra to feel fabulous. The more the expensive the bra is isn’t always going to be the best bra for you, and it might not be the most comfortable. My suggestion? You can get a quality bra from anywhere from $50-$80. It's important to mention that unless you’re fitted and wearing the right size bra, not matter how expensive the bra is, it’s not going to be supportive and comfortable.


Ready to invest in yourself? Start by getting your correct size! Book a bra fitting with one of our trained fitters at our shop. Don't live close by? Click on our bra fit calculator below. It will use a couple measurements and your breast shape to suggest bras that will be best for you! After you get a bra from our site, you can book a virtual fit check to video chat with a fitter to make sure your bra is the right size and fit for you.