Bras are called "foundational pieces" for a reason. They are the anchor for every outfit, altering how our clothes look depending on the style. There are three bra styles in particular that we think every woman should own.

Molded Cup Bra

This is the most common bra we see on women who come in the shop, so named because each cup is shaped to a mold. Also called a "t-shirt bra", it's seamless so you don't have to worry about what you're wearing over top. Nothing shows through.

There are firm and soft molded cup options. Firmer styles are good for fuller breasts with tissue on top so the cups won't gape. Soft molded cups will shape to your breast more. Both will create a smooth, rounded look under clothing.

Here are some of our favorite molded cup bras:

Panache Cari

Elomi Charley

Natori Flora

Cut & Sewn Bra

These bras are architectural, each piece, each seam serving a purpose. Also known as seamed bras, they shape the breast creating additional lift.

Side seams or panels keep the breast from extending to the sides of the underwire, creating a narrow shape from the front.

Here are some of our favorite cut and sewn bras:

Panache Envy

Elomi Morgan

Skarlett Blue Minx

Plunge Bras

Sometimes you need a shorter gore, depending on your neckline. Plunge bras are a great option for v-neck and button-up tops when you don't want your bra to show. They can be as revealing or modest as you choose and come in both molded and cut and sewn options.

Here are some of our favorite plunge bras:

Natori Feathers

Curvy Kate Smoothie

Elomi Lucie


To get these bras in your rotation, book a bra fitting with one of our trained fitters at our shop. Don't live close by? Click on our bra fit calculator below. It will use a couple measurements and your breast shape to suggest bras that will be best for you! After you get a bra from our site, you can book a virtual fit check to video chat with a fitter to make sure your bra is the right size and fit for you.