Panache Clara


Clara adds a touch of luxury to any outfit with a beautiful intricate lace detailing for ultimate day to night elegance. The effortlessly stylish full cup bra is made in four sections with a stretch lace top for comfortable support and an enhanced fit.  This is a full coverage bra is beautiful, minimizes, will give your breasts a more narrow look, and is a great everyday bra. 

Check our this style in the current fashion color!! 

  • Cups: Stretch lace seamed cups
  • Underwire
  • Minimizer effect 
  • Style: Full coverage 
  • Sizing: UK bra sizing 
  • Hand wash only with. our SOAK WASH

Bosom Besties Fit Notes

This is a GORGEOUS bra and we recommend it for breast shapes that are more narrow, if your breasts are farther apart, the underwires might dig into your breast tissue.  The seams in the cups will minimize and make you look more narrow and slender in the bust.  This bra reminds us of Marie Antoinette :)  This bra is great for more petite women too.  


Definitely get some lingerie wash! We sell a brand called Soak in the shop. We highly recommend it! When you are ready to wash your bras:

1) Fill your sink with warm water.

2) Put 1 tsp of the soap in the water.

3) Put your bras in the water. If you have extra deodorant build put a little bit of extra soap on that area and work it in with your hands or a toothbrush.

4) Let your bras soak for about 20 minutes.

5) Softly ring them out.

6) Lay them on a towel or hang them to dry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Kendra M Hansen
Best bra lady around!!

Love my panache Clara. I have 3 and love them! They are getting old (2yrs old) but because they taught me how to take care of bras and wash them they last longer. This is my favorite bra and will continue to always by them from Cort!

Diane Hill
Amazing fit!

This is an amazing bra!

Ranae Turner
Exactly what I was looking for

I love this bra! It makes the most of what I have. It’s a lighter color and comfortable. And it’s beautiful!

Emily Anderson

Panache Clara

Kathy Wyatt

This is the best fitting and most comfortable bra I've ever owned. It's also beautiful. I will definitely purchase this brand in the future.