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What causes the underwire to poke through your bra?

The bra could be old or worn out, the cup size is too small, or the bra wasn’t washed properly.  You want to avoid washing your bra in the washer machine because it can make the underwires pop out of the bra.  So it's best to hand wash.  To learn how to properly wash your bras, go HERE. 


What is your number one piece of advice for us big breasted mamas?

Use Bosom Besties Online Fitting tool so you know what your true size is. 


Do you NEED an underwire? What if you don’t like them?

No, but we highly recommend them. Wired bras will shape your breast so much better than wireless bras. Plus, the gore, or the middle part of your bra hardly ever lays flat in wireless bras, for some that can be uncomfortable. We find that most women who don’t like underwires aren’t wearing the right bra size. When you wear the wrong bra size the wire will sit on top of the breast tissue, which causes discomfort. When you wear the right size the underwire will be under or to the side of your breast tissue, which is much more comfortable!


What do you do when your breasts are different sizes?

Get a bra that fits the larger breast, then use this molded insert to fill in the gap on the smaller breast.


Do you have any recommendations for lounging around the house bras?

Check out the Montelle Wireless bra for up to DDD cups and the Cake Maternity Sugar Candy Non Nursing bra for F-H UK cup sizes. 


How many high quality bras should I own?

Ideal would be 3-4 everyday bras and 2 sports bras. Rotate the bras everyday.

How often should I wash / replace my bras?

Wash your bras every 1-2 weeks. Replace your bras every 6-9 months. The more bras you have to rotate through, if you wash them properly, they can last longer.  

Are all brand sizes the same? Will a size fit the same from brand to brand?

Not always. This is why bra shopping can be difficult. This is always why Bosom Besties recommends using the Online Fitting tool because we've collected data from over 1K+ women on measurements and breast shapes, and have worked tirelessly to understand how each brand and style of bra we carry fits.  So when you use the fitting tool, this is backed up from our Certified Bra Fitting Expert and CEO, Courtney Killpack. 


I worry that a properly fitting bra will be too tight.

The most important thing is comfort.  But sometimes wearing the correct bra size, it's going to feel snug at first, this is completely normal.  You want the bra to fit low and snug on the loosest set of hooks. As the bra stretches out, you'll be able to tighten it as the bra band stretches out and wear the supportive for a longer period of time. 

The first 1-2 weeks with a new bra can be slightly uncomfortable, but we recommend to wear your bra for at least a full week.  Most times you're not used to how it should fit, you body will acclimate and get used but also stretch as you wear it longer.  But remember that you want your bra to be snug on the loosest set of hooks because your support comes from your band.


What do you recommend for those who have large breasts but a small frame?

Use the Online Fitting tool.  This will help to identify your true bra size.  Most important you need a need a supportive band and cups large enough to hold your bosoms in place. 


I’m having weight loss surgery, when should I get a new bra?

As soon as you notice your current bra isn’t fitting properly, your band is stretched out or your cup size is too big, or if you're experiencing any type of discomfort; then it’s a good idea to get fitted.


What should I do if my bands keep rolling up on the sides?

Go with bras that have thicker or taller bands in the back.


My straps are digging into my shoulders, how do I fix that?

This is happening because you’re not wearing a supportive band. You are putting all of the weight from your breast on your straps instead of the band. Go down a band size so the band is snug on the loosest set of hooks. That will transfer the weight to your band instead of your straps.


How do I keep my straps from falling down?

Most of the time it's because you're not wearing the right band size.  It could also be you need to tighten the bra straps a bit. You want to be able to put your two fingers underneath the straps and not have it move easily.  If one shoulder strap is falling off, pull down your band to make sure your bra is sitting down low. If that doesn't take care of your problem tighten up the straps a bit on that one side.  If the problem continues, you might want to purchase a J Hook.  We have them in my shop and they work wonders by making sure the straps don't fall off your shoulders.


Can you find a good quality bra at popular stores like Wal-Mart, Target, Kohls, Target, etc.?

In our experience these stores are very limited in the sizes that they carry and they're bras are not good quality. Their sizes tend to range from B-D cups, these are not common sizes. The average size Bosom Besties fit is a DDD-G. Most stores don’t carry these sizes.  So no, we don't recommend going to retailers like these due to the lack of size availability, lack in service, and quality of their products.  We carry over 120+ sizes!