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What nursing bras do you recommend for larger chested mamas?

We recommend the Cake Maternity’s Waffles, Croissant, Sugar Candy, and Zest. I also love the Anita Fleur Nursing bra. We carry all of these in our shop.


What kind of nursing bras do you recommend?

It depends on so many factors: Your breast shape, your cup size, and what look and shape you want. All of the bras we have at Bosom Besties we recommend.  To see which ones we recommend for you, take the Online Fitting tool. 


When you are pregnant and/or breastfeeding how do you know what size of bra to wear?

This is what we call a transitional period.  We recommend buying the amount of bras you need at a time.  When you change size again get a few more to meet your needs in your new size. You might have to do this 2-3 times throughout your lactating journey. This way you get what you need while your body is changing so often. .


When do you recommend using Bosom Besties Get Fitted tool after you’ve had a baby?

Two weeks, that way your milk will be regulated. Go here to use the Online Fitting tool.