Braza Bra Extenders Clear


This is a great clear bra extender that can be added to any bra with 4-hooks. Using an extender can help to add a couple more inches to your bra. This includes 1 extender. If you need an extender for 2 or 3 hooks check out Braza Bra Extender .

Definitely get some lingerie wash! We sell a brand called Soak in the shop. We highly recommend it! When you are ready to wash your bras:

1) Fill your sink with warm water.

2) Put 1 tsp of the soap in the water.

3) Put your bras in the water. If you have extra deodorant build put a little bit of extra soap on that area and work it in with your hands or a toothbrush.

4) Let your bras soak for about 20 minutes.

5) Softly ring them out.

6) Lay them on a towel or hang them to dry.