Panache Cari (White and Black)


Cari is the perfect T-shirt bra with an added element of luxury, the gallon lace adds a pretty design to an everyday essential bra.  The spacer cup gives a natural shape, while the moulded cups provide a smooth finish. This is a full coverage bra is perfect for fuller breast shapes and cup sizes.  

  • Cups: Spacer foam molded cup
  • Underwire
  • T-shirt bra
  • Style: Full coverage 
  • Sizing: UK bra sizing 
  • Hand wash only with our SOAK WASH

Bosom Besties Fit Notes

This is a GORGEOUS everyday molded cup bra. It runs true to size.  This is becoming one of our best selling bras and offers women up to a H UK cup a molded and smooth cup option for t-shirts.  The spacer foam cup allows air to breathe better so it's a perfect bra for hotter climates. 


Definitely get some lingerie wash! We sell a brand called Soak in the shop. We highly recommend it! When you are ready to wash your bras:

1) Fill your sink with warm water.

2) Put 1 tsp of the soap in the water.

3) Put your bras in the water. If you have extra deodorant build put a little bit of extra soap on that area and work it in with your hands or a toothbrush.

4) Let your bras soak for about 20 minutes.

5) Softly ring them out.

6) Lay them on a towel or hang them to dry.

Customer Reviews

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Sheree Gaughan
The best bra experience ever!

Admittedly, when I go to a bra fitting (done it 2x) I intend to buy at least one bra. I do not feel obligated and I know I will be satisfied with my purchase. This last time I bought a bra I loved, felt good, so pretty and as I wore it over 4 days, it got more & more uncomfortable. (sad face emoji) I sent an email asking what we could do and the answer was, this bra is probably not for your body type. What would you like to do. So I returned it. I needed another bra, so I just got another one that was exactly the same as the one that worked. I’m comfortable in bras every day! Such a plus. This is a class act business.