Royce Charlotte Nursing Bra

Charlotte is comfortable, supportive, and easy to wear. It is a great choice for women with a larger bust. The mesh top cup makes it stylish as well as supremely practical, and it comes with easy-release drop cup clips.

Definitely get some lingerie wash! We sell a brand called Soak in the shop. We highly recommend it! When you are ready to wash your bras:

1) Fill your sink with warm water.

2) Put 1 tsp of the soap in the water.

3) Put your bras in the water. If you have extra deodorant build put a little bit of extra soap on that area and work it in with your hands or a toothbrush.

4) Let your bras soak for about 20 minutes.

5) Softly ring them out.

6) Lay them on a towel or hang them to dry.

Customer Reviews

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Megan A
Great Wireless Nursing Bra for Larger Bust

I wish I had this wireless nursing bra sooner. It feels much more structured and supportive than the other wireless nursing bras I own. Comfortable enough to sleep in if you need to keep nursing pads in place. It's not structured enough for me to want to wear it out of my house, but that's not what I purchased it for.